Employee Resources

Education for Employees


Click on:  BUSINESS>Communications

Look for the following courses and complete:

Introduction to Communication Skills;     Communication Skills – 1)Perceptions & Non-Verbal Communication; 2)Group Work & Networking;     Winning with Communication – Master Communication Skills

Click on: HEALTH >Mental Health

Look for the following courses and complete:

Introduction to Stress Management;       Stress Management – work/life;          Stress Management -Techniques for coping;      Supporting individuals with Intellectual disabilities & Mental Illness

>Health Care>Caregiving

Introduction to Caregiving;        Health & Safety for Caregivers;        Elderly Care & Caring for Disabled Clients

>Disease & Disorders    Introduction to Common Medical Conditions;     Health Guidelines for Avoiding Infectious Diseases;      Global Health Initiave – 1)Diabetes Awareness;  2)Hypertension

>Nutrition     Introduction to Human Nutrition

Click on:  HUMANITIES>Psychology

Look for the following courses:  Introduction to Community Development;     Inclusion of Minorities in Community Development;    Introduction to Community Psychology;     Introduction to Community Psychology – Intervention & Prevention

>Personal Development     Introduction to Conflict Management & Negotiation;     Understanding Conflict – 5 Modules;     Develop Your Emotional Intelligence;    Achieving Personal Success;     Hidden Secrets to Psychology – 1 Module – Why do People do the Things They do?

Click on:  LIFESTYLE>Food & Beverage

Look for the following courses: Food Safety Knowledge – Basic;     Food Safety Training – Safe Practices & Procedures;     Diploma in Food Safety



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